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Lancing Parish Council was set up in 1894. It covers the area between Shoreham-by-Sea and Worthing from Western Road (adjacent to Brooklands) and Sompting in the west through to the River Adur in the east and the parish of Coombes to the north. It stretches from the beach and coast inland to include part of the South Downs.


Working in partnership with the local community to make Lancing a great place to live, work, visit and enjoy.





Monks Rec. Consultation


Lancing Parish Council, together with many community groups, has been working towards the Monks Recreation Ground Improvement Project. Those involved include Keep Lancing Lovely, Lancing Community Bike Project, Lancing Football Club, Lancing Parish Youth Council, Lancing United Football Club, Lancing Youth Football Club, Sussex County Football Association, The Globe Primary School, West Sussex County Council, Worthing & Horsham District Sunday Football League and local experts.


A survey was conducted locally in August 2017 to find out what Lancing residents want at Monks Rec. Since then the Working Group has created a brief and conceptual design based on the results. A consultation was held in spring 2018, ending April 2018. The results can be found here


Additional information can be found here


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24th October 2019



Please click on the link to view further details of the persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor in Widewater Ward.


"Stay safe this Hallowe’en and bonfire night" News Release from West Sussex County Council
23rd October 2019


Please look at the news release from West Sussex Coun below regarding the above



"Stay safe this Hallowe'en and bonfire night



West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is encouraging residents to have a safe Hallowe'en and bonfire night this year.

Picking the right Hallowe'en costume can take some thought and careful planning, but it is important that residents also consider whether the costumes have been fire safety tested as well.

Only buy costumes from reputable retailers: very cheaply made Halloween costumes are more likely to catch fire mere seconds after exposure to a naked flame and look out for the CE marking (EN71-2) on any costume you buy.

Head of Prevention at West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Nicki Peddle, said: "We would recommend that people wear cotton fibre clothes under dressing up costumes, as this means there is a layer of protection between the costume and your skin which can help protect the skin in the event of a fire incident.

"Make sure your child knows how to 'stop, drop and roll' - the quickest and safest thing to do if the costume you're wearing does catch light.

"And to be on the safe side, use LED lights rather than real candles in any decorations."

Many residents across the county will also be preparing to mark Bonfire Night the following week.

The fire service is encouraging people to take advantage of one of the many professional demonstrations being staged around the county, rather than holding their own back garden displays.

Nicki added: "We would encourage people to attend an organised public firework display in the interests of safety. With fireworks at home there's always uncertainty what can happen without any professionals on hand. "Remember that fireworks are explosives, and as such should be treated with respect and only used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the Firework Code."

If you are thinking of arranging or organising your own firework display have a look at this important information before you make any plans.

- Make sure everyone stays well back from open fires or fireworks and ensure children are supervised at all times.

- Don't use flammable liquids to light bonfires, you never know the extent of a reaction a flammable liquid will have.

- Only buy fireworks from reputable retailers, and always keep your fireworks in a closed metal box and take them out one at a time.

- Never return to a lit firework and do not throw fireworks.

- If you are using sparklers, make sure they are held at arm's length whilst wearing gloves. Once the sparklers are out put them in a bucket of water"



Starting School - September 2020
20th October 2019



Please click on the link to view details from West Sussex County Council regarding the next primary school intake of 2020.


Men in Sheds - Lancing and Sompting
11th October 2019



Please click on the link to view the poster from the above group


Refill Lancing Launch Event
9th October 2019


View the associated document


Refill Lancing went live on 8th October with its launch at Lancing Parish Hall with over 80 people attending for films, talks, presentations and information stalls. The event was hosted by the Chairman of Lancing Parish Council, Cllr Lydia Pope supported by Francesca Iliffe of A&W Councils, Joel Hufford of Southern Water, Mala Nathan of Refill South-East and Claire Potter of Surfers Against Sewage.


It was organised by Wendy Peters of the community group, Keep Lancing Lovely, together with Lancing Parish Council, supported by Adur District Council and West Sussex County Council. Among those attending were Cllr George Barton, Chairman of Adur District Council as well as West Sussex County Cllr Ann Bridges and several District and Parish Councillors.


Since Lancing embarked upon the Refill journey early this year, Wendy has signed up more than 25 local businesses and community organisations to the Refill Scheme's App, which sees them offer water stations to allow the public to top-up reusable containers on-the-go rather than buying single-use bottles.


Southern Water, Surfers Against Sewage, West Sussex County Council's Waste Team and Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust as well as local community groups World of Widewater, Sustainable Sussex, and Worthing Climate Action Network were among those in attendance at this event. These organisations had stalls and their attendance created a great atmosphere so greatly contributing to the success of the launch of Refill Lancing. Another great effort by a great community champion, Wendy Peters. Congratulations and well done, Wendy!


South Downs News Letter Update
9th October 2019


Please click here on the link for the latest update on the South Downs National Park


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018/2019
1st October 2019



Please click on the link to view to view the above document


27th September 2019


View the associated document


Please click on the link to view further details of the above vacancy.


Monks Rec. Improvement Project
12th June 2019


Update on Monks Rec. Improvement Project


Beach Green Lighting Project
8th April 2019



Many comments are received regarding the lack of lighting on Beach Green. The Parish Council had considered installing promenade lighting (possibly extending as far as Widewater) but this has proved too costly.


However, there is an alternative option - to install lighting from the path at the southwest corner of the Car Park, along the back of the Car Wash running south towards The Perch and kiosk, along to the central path, to switch on at dusk and automatically switch off at a nominated time. There would be the ability to add to the scheme in the future.


We would like to hear your views on this suggestion. Please contact the Parish Office to let us know whether you support this section of Beach Green being lit.

Forthcoming Events


Memory Cafe at Impulse Leisure, Lancing Manor on Thursday 17th October from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm


View the associated document


If you care for someone with any form of dementia and would like to meet others for support, advice or a friendly chat, please come along!


Friday Yoga Class
18th October 2019



Please click on the link to view further details of a new Yoga class that started in our Green Room on 21 June .


The next class will be on Friday 18 October.





Yoga Sessions on Mondays
21st October 2019



Please click on the link to view further details of the Yoga sessions at the parish halls.






Lancing Indoor Market on Tuesday Mornings 9 am - 12.15pm
22nd October 2019



Please click on the link to view the poster for the above Tuesday Market held in the Jubilee Hall.


The next Indoor Market will be on Tuesday 22 October as the Blood Doning Session will be at the hall on 15 October.






Pilates and Relaxation - Wednesday morning class
23rd October 2019



Please click on the link for further details of the above which is in our Jubilee Hall every Wednesday morning.


A second class has been added at 10.40 am - again for further details please click on the link.










Young at Heart Fitness Sessions on Thursday Mornings.
24th October 2019


The next session is on Thursday 24 October at the Parish hall. There are no sessions on 17 and 31 October but then the sessions continue to 19 December and then resume in January 2020.


Pier2Pier Race on Saturday 26 October 2019
26th October 2019



Please click on the link to view details of the above race organised by Lancing Kitesurfing Club.


Pilates Class on Tuesday Evenings
29th October 2019



Please click on the link for further details on the above class.


Also there is a Meditation Class (Embodied Mindfulness) following the Pilates Class at 7.45 to 8.45pm. For further details contact Ana Marcela on 07805455437. The next class is on Tuesday 29 October.






Versus Arthritis (formerly Arthritis Care) Programme 2019
5th November 2019



Please click on the link to view details on forthcoming sessions held at the Parish Halls in respect of the above group.




Young at Heart - formerly Lancing and District Pensioners' Club
7th November 2019


The above club offers a warm welcome to new members - the next meeting is on Thursday 7 November at 2pm.


"Beware the Mackerel Sky" at St Michael And All Angels Church South St Lancing on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November 2019
8th November 2019



Please click on the link to view further details of the above musical about smuggling in Sussex performed by the Boundstone Chorus and Students from Sompting Village Primary School and Sir Robert Woodard Academy.


Pamperganza Event at the Parish Halls on Monday 11 November 2019
11th November 2019


Please click here for further details of the above event


Sussex Keyboard and Organ Club Concert on Thursday 21 November 2019
21st November 2019



Attention all Music Lovers - Sussex Keyboard and Organ Club will be performing at 7.15 pm on Thursday 21 November 2019.