Lancing Parish Council

Council Objectives and Policies

The Council's Mission Statement

The Parish Council is committed to promoting community values, economic well-being, and pride in Lancing.


The Council's Vision Statement

Working in partnership with the local community to make Lancing a great place to live, work, visit and enjoy.


The Council's Corporate Objectives

To engage, whenever possible, in an open dialogue with residents, to understand their needs, and to explain how the Council will address these needs within the resources and powers available.


To understand the issues and aspirations of residents and promote these ideals for the future.


To provide high standard cost-effective services.


To enable, assist and encourage other local organisations and agencies to provide services.


To promote and represent the best interests of the village for the betterment of the local community.


To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of the village through partnerships and other means.


To encourage and promote social and community values in the village by working in co-operation and supporting, where practicable, local organisations and groups.


To embrace progress, improve the quality of life and healthy living.