Lancing Parish Council

Council responsibilities


The council is responsible for 0.65 hectares of allotment land (30 plots in total) located at the rear of East Lancing Recreation Ground (Orient Road).


Allotments are available in two sizes :


'5 rods' and '10 rods'.


What is a 'Rod'?


A rod is an ancient land measurement of approximately 5m in length, a square rod being 25 square meters and a '5 rod allotment' therefore being 125 square meters.


Scale of charges from 1st April 2017 until 31st March 2018


Allotment sizeChargeVATTotal
5 Rods£25.00-£25.00
10 Rods£50.00-£50.00



All the allotment sites are currently fully subscribed, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list.




Beach huts

The council is responsible for more than 275 beach hut sites. Beach Green and West Beach (Widewater) hold the greater number and the huts located at these sites are considered permanent erections.


In all cases, the council ownership is for the site only. Beach huts are purchased and erected privately by the licence holder.


Scale of Charges from 1st April 2017 until 31st March 2018


Beach Green and West Beach (Widewater)£312.50£62.50£375.00



All the beach hut sites remain fully subscribed, together with substantial waiting lists.


The waiting lists are only currently open to residents of Lancing or Sompting.


Notice to all Beach Hut Owners

As well as annual payment to Lancing Parish Council in respect of the site, Non Domestic Rates are due to be paid to the District Council on any Beach Hut Site.


To find out if you are eligible for Small Business Rate Relief contact the rates office direct on 01273 263111 or




Car parks

The council has two car parks, the first at Beach Green provides parking for 200+ cars and the second at Widewater provides parking for 400+ cars.


Both car parks are contracted out and a small charge - currently £1.50 per vehicle per day or part of day throughout the year including Sundays and Bank Holidays. The telephone number for enquiries regarding the car park is 01785 336784.


There is also a car park located behind the Parish Hall in Chester Avenue for 30+ cars for users of the Parish Hall facilities.




Lancing Beach Green

This large recreational area is utilised for major outside events in Lancing.


These include :

  • Bank holiday markets
  • Circuses
  • Fairs
  • Musical events


Scale of charges from 1st April 2017


Lancing Beach GreenChargeVATTotal
By negotiation based on per day£700.00-£700.00





Bathing Water Quality


The following information is from the 2016 version of the guidance for local authorities on bathing water signage from the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).



Lancing, Beach Green bathing water is monitored by the Environment Agency from May to September.


Bathing water quality can be affected by the River Adur and the Teville Stream, particularly after rainfall. During or after periods of heavy rainfall run off from agricultural land, urban areas, and occasional discharges from storm overflows can increase the risk of reduced water quality. There is a surface water outfall to eastern side of beach which operates after heavy rainfall, but is not known to affect bathing water compliance.


This bathing water is subject to short term pollution. The Environment Agency makes daily pollution risk forecasts based on rainfall patterns. A pollution risk warning is issued if heavy rainfall occurs to enable bathers to avoid periods when bathing water quality may be reduced. This may last between 1-3 days.. Last year warnings were issued on 17 days.


The full details for this bathing water, its catchment, information on all potential pollution sources and how they are managed can be viewed at





The council is responsible for four playgrounds located on:


Beach Green

Orient Road, East Lancing

Monks Recreation Ground

Croshaw Recreation Ground




Recreation grounds

The council is responsible for three recreation grounds located at :


East Lancing (Orient Road)


Monks Recreation Ground.


These are utilised by local football clubs in the winter and host a wide range of activities and events during the summer.


A Parkour facility is placed on Monks Recreation Ground. As of January 2017, Parkour has been officially recognised as a sport, please click here for more information from Parkour UK