Lancing Parish Council


Here you can find out who your councillors (or members) are, depending on which ward you live in. Please contact Lancing Parish Council for full councillor contact details.


Ward descriptions and maps can be found at the bottom of this page.


Churchill WardCllr Danny Jackson

Register of Interests

(not contactable by phone)
Churchill WardCllr Emma Purnell

Register of Interests

(not contactable by phone)
Churchill WardCllr Lee Cowen

Resister of Interests

01903 756397 / 07966 426509
Churchill WardCllr Robin Monk

Register of Interests

01903 751261
Manor Ward (North)Cllr Carol Albury

Register of Interests

01903 764632
Manor Ward (North)Cllr Mick Clark

Register of Interests

07816 650742
Manor Ward (South)Cllr Jean Turner

Register of Interests
(not contactable by email)

01903 603057
Manor Ward (South)Cllr Lionel Parsons

Register of Interests

01903 527534
Mash Barn WardCllr Douglas Bradley

Register of Interests

07528 789851
Mash Barn WardCllr Gina Scotting

Register of Interests

01903 763038 / 07711 991219
Mash Barn WardCllr Liz Haywood

Register of Interests

(not contactable by phone)
Mash Barn WardCllr Lydia Pope

Register of Interests

Widewater WardCllr Ann Bridges

Register of Interests

07960 319376
Widewater WardCllr Clive Burghard

Register of Interests

01903 767238
Widewater WardCllr Geoff Patmore

Register of Interests

07941 890146
Widewater WardCllr Gloria Eveleigh

Register of Interests

01903 765639 / 07930 411419



Ward Maps


Churchill Ward

Churchill Ward is the ward with boundaries of Western Road and Boundstone Lane to the east, Crabtree Lane to the north, North Road and South Street to the east and the beach to the south. The ward covers most of the Lancing Business Park.


Manor North Ward and Manor South Ward

Manor Ward has as its boundaries: Crabtree Lane to the south, Upper Boundstone lane to the West and First Avenue to the A27 northwards and then following the line of the A27 eastwards. The ward is the only one to include Downland covering such areas as the Lancing Ring Local Nature Reserve and the Lancing College site.


Mash Barn Ward

Mash Barn Ward is the area within the A27 running eastwards from First Avenue (northern boundary), First Avenue and North Road (western boundary) and the railway line running eastwards from the railway station. The ward stretches eastwards to include part of the Shoreham Airport.


Widewater Ward

Widewater Ward runs eastwards from South Street to the Saltings Roundabout and has its other boundaries the railway line to the north and coast to the south. The ward includes the Local Nature Reserve of Widewater Lagoon.



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