Lancing Parish Council

Details of Grant Applications

Lancing Parish Council makes annual provision for grant aid (currently £5,000) which is determined by successful application during the financial year. Unused provision in any one year will not be carried forward to the next year.


The Council will consider applications for financial assistance from organisations serving Lancing and intending to embark upon a specific project.


The Council will not normally provide grants to bridge perceived gaps in the provision of community services that are the responsibility of other Authorities.


Applications complete with supporting documentation are to be forwarded to the Parish Clerk before the 31st August for consideration in the current financial year. Funding will normally be determined by the Council in November against competing applications and awards made in December.



The Parish Council will require the following information:


1. The latest financial statement of the organisation seeking assistance.


2. A comprehensive description of the purpose for which grant aid is sought.


3. The total cost of the project.


4. The amount of grant sought from the Council.


5. Details of applications to other sources.


6. A statement indicating the way in which the project will be totally funded.




Additional information


Where a grant exceeds £1,999, the Parish Council is required by statute to obtain evidence from the Grantee that the grant has been spent in accordance with the description of the project given at the time of application.


The Council will not consider any application unless all questions have been answered and the required information is supplied at the time of application.


You are welcome to attend the Full Council Meeting in September, when grant aid applications will be discussed.