Lancing Parish Council

Precept and Responsibilities

How we spend your money


The primary source of income for most Parish Councils come from the Precept, which is a local tax collected by the District Council on behalf of the Parish.


This money is required to run the Council and pay to maintain and improve the facilities, activities and services that local Parish Councils provide and is normally the operational cost difference between expected expenditure and income in any one year. The Council also prudently holds an amount of money in reserve for either future planned projects and/or unexpected events.


The Precept for 2018/2019 is currently £322,200. This equates to £51.48 per household per year or 99p per week.


So what do residents get for their 99p per week?


Here are a few things:-


Access to a local Councillor

Councillors live within easy distance of residents are and easily contactable. They will help wherever possible or sign post you to someone who can.



These are located at Orient Road.


Annual Residents Meeting

The Annual Residents Meeting is held in May for resident to voice their opinions on the important issues affecting Lancing. An additional meeting in October is also convened for residents to hear updates of Council activities and council grants awarded.


Beach Huts

The Council generates income from leasing 250 beach hut plots at Beach Green and Widewater.


Car Parks and Refreshment Kiosks

These are located at Beach Green and Widewater (owned and leased out by the Council).


Council Staff

The Council employs 12 members of experienced, well trained and qualified staff including the Clerk, office staff, groundsmen and caretakers.


Christmas Tree, Lights and Market

The Council is responsible for the Christmas tree and Christmas lights along South Street and North Road. The Christmas Market is also organised in conjunction with Adur District Council. The date for the next Christmas market is Saturday 15 December 2018.



Located at Monks Rec, used in connection with Council maintenance work and home to the highly successful Community Bike Project.



Elections take place every four years to allow you to vote for local candidates to sit on the Council. The next elections of the full Council will be held in May 2020.


Grant Aid

The Council makes annual provision for grant aid (currently £5,000) which local groups and charities can apply to. Applications are considered in September.


Local democracy

Request your Council to lobby Adur District Council, West Sussex County Council or other authority/organisation in an attempt that a fair share of the rates you pay to those organisations are spent to the benefit of Lancing or on controversial matters.


Nature Reserve

The Council helps maintain the Local Nature Reserve at Widewater (in conjunction with World of Widewater) and oversees the management of the area.



The Council circulates a quarterly newsletter to every household in the village.


Notice Boards and Clock

The notice boards are located at Beach Green, the Parish Hall and North Road and local information is regularly updated. The clock in located on North Road.


Parish Hall

The Council owns and maintains the Parish Halls on South Street, where many local community groups meet and as of September 2017 is also home to a new nursey and a few other businesses/organisations. Rooms are hired out for a range of private functions and host local concerts and theatrical plays.


Pocket Gardens

Headborough Gardens and Wenciling Gardens, located on South Street.


Recreation grounds and play areas

The Council owns and manages 4 recreation grounds. The grass is cut, on average, 28 times a year and the 5 football pitches are marked out and are available for hire to local teams. The Council is also responsible for 4 children's play areas, 2 youth shelters, basketball hoop, skate park, parkour facility and 2 multi-use games areas.


Seats and Litter Bins

Positioned around the recreation grounds, pocket gardens and play areas.


The Beach

The Council owns and manages approximately two miles of Lancing beach and foreshore from the bandstand at Beach Green, east to Widewater. Areas of the beach have been segregated to provide zones for specific activities (such as kitesurfing). Additionally, the Council finances a beach patrol which operates along the entire length during the summer.


The right to attend any meeting

Meetings of the Council and its Committees are open to the public (except regarding confidential matters). Time is reserved during every meeting for residents to ask questions and make statements on any item on the agenda of the meeting.


War Memorial and surrounding flower beds

These are maintained by the Council.


Proposed spending 2018-2019


Proposed spending 2018 - 2019
Beaches and Car Parks£47980
Parish Hall Running Costs£50513
Recreation Grounds£26184
Town Centre Christmas Lighting£7300
Village Newsletter£3000
Capital Project Costs£21020


Fees & charges for Council services and amenities