Lancing Parish Council

Youth Council

The Parish Council is seeking to recruit members to its newly established Youth Council. This will offer young people of Lancing a platform to voice their opinions on local issues. Youth Councillors must live or go to school/college within three miles of Lancing and be aged 13-19 years old. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber, Parish Hall.


Lancing's Internet Cafe


As of the 19th April 2018, Lancing Parish Youth Council will begin running a weekly Internet Cafe Service for young people in Lancing.

This service is the first service that is being run directly by Lancing Parish Youth Council and is offering a place for young people to come and be able to access the internet, free of any charges or fees that may restrict internet access to some.


It is the belief of the youth council in 2018 that internet access is an absolute necessity to young people - school work often makes the assumption that all young people have widely available internet access and technology is playing a huge part in developing young people for the future, so denying them opportunities to use computers and the internet isn't productive and doesn't prepare them for the future.


Along with offering base computer services and free Wi-Fi to users, we also have on-site food and drinks services available to young people for a small fee or entirely free - These items will comply with recommended standards set by the Department for Health and Social Care to help to reduce and avoid obesity in young people. By doing so, we'll provide food and drink that will help young people stay focused in their work.


If you know or you are a young person, living the Lancing area, the Internet Cafe begins on the Thursday 19th April from 3:30PM - 5:30PM, and will run weekly at the same times during term time at the FindItOut Centre in Penhill Road (Opposite Gardener and Scardifield).


Written by:

Youth Councillor Atterbury

Chair of Lancing Parish Youth Council


Directions: Adur Find it Out @ Lancing Youth Centre, Penhill Road


Please contact the Parish Office for more information.